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Snoop Dogg & Kurupt – 75 To 85 Lyrics

Popular American rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., also known as Snoop Dogg has released an amazing song titled “75 To 85”. Enjoy the Lyrics below

Say it, Blaire
Say it, say it, Blaire
What it is?
Oh, it ain’t nothin’
You know me
Stickin’ to the script, baby

1975, turnt out from watching this MAC flame
All of my homies outside and they turning some backflips
Running, playing hide, go seek, freeze-tagging all them games
I’m in the house putting together, this a masterclass
It’s hard to explain that
But long as I’m on point, I know you gon’ bang that
Remain that, I need my thing back
You see, I came back the same cat, in the same lap, yeah
I aspire to be
Politicians and teachers, they all lies to me
I see mink coats, bad hoes, long cash
My future is lookin’ bright
I’m a hustler by day, but I’m a gangster at night
Yeah, my vision with vision, see, my attention to witness
Took advantage of Ross, climbin’ ’round the rug, movin’ chickens
Easy pickings, ain’t no dickin’ involved
Get my money every day, baby, stay on the walls
They want to stay on the wall, they lowin’, make me a call
Young puppet, Dogg, now, baby, go and get involved
More money, more problems, well, problem solved
You got to double me up, like I was Paul Rezar

1985, turnt out and watching some Crip shit
All my homies was wearing Kakis, t-shirts, and biscuits
Sittin’, putting together plans, how we gon’ get rich
Come up off of this crack sack, hit the strip with a bitch
Sittin’, watchin’ my TV, sittin’, watchin’ him TV
I got dreams and goals of gettin’ money in a Rolls
Press go, hoes, yeah, they love me, for sure
Do anything ‘fore a nigga hit the strip for the dough
That’s my get up and go, ho, she get the dough and then go
Bring it back to a Mac, yeah, ho to the low
Forever, in the day, on a mission for the pay
See, I gotta get paid, or else, you gon’ feel it
The realest is forever in the day
Coca leaves’ll make you gay
Kurupt, motherfucker, in this bitch, and you not for play
And if it’s word to Game, my nickel in my hand
Panic attack, dumpin’ on anything anywhere
Goin’ for the bounce, baby, an ounce of this game
Might save your life, I prepare shells and it rains, like-