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Restoration Worship feat. Samantha McCabe – Where I’ll Be Found Lyrics

Enjoy the Lyrics below
When my strength fails
And the walls are closing in
Self reliance
Is what I’m used to walking in
There’s a voice that’s calling out my name

Verse 2
When situations
Are outside of my control
And I’ve been leaning
On the crutch of what I know
There’s a voice that’s calling out my name

Peace that passes understanding
I can hear you speak
Speaking over me
Peace that goes before and behind me
That’s where I’ll be found
Standing here surrounded by your peace

Verse 3
I can see now
That your way’s a better way
In every trial
I know that peace is here to stay
So I will run to
The one who’s calling out my name

Everytime I breathe in
I think of all you’ve done for me
Everytime I breathe out
I release what was never meant for me