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L. A. M. B – The Last Cypher Lyrics

Enjoy the Lyrics below

Uhh yo!
First of congratulations, y’all got another cypher cus by my calculations
The last cyphers was my last cypher but aberrations happen and it’s okay
The bar came calling and I picked up for old times sake
Just the beginning y’all really thought I started flexing
Barely wear my ten thousand dollar necklace a bad investment
I ain’t got no regrets, cos money coming every second plus
I’m never stopping till I get a statue erected
I’m the hardest nigga out only one-rapper as hot as me

Some niggas on the chart but we don’t see the cash in reality but you know when you see me I look the part
Y’all say you getting dough but when we see you we know it’s cap
And nigga see me wonder if it’s only rap, what else is he doing?
He bought a benz and a lexus, yo what else is he moving?
If I was female they gon ask, who the fvck is he screwing?
How hard is it to believe I got this shit off the music?!
You still talking bout covid bruh you just making excuses,
Cus your shit could never pop you claim alternative music,
See I think that it’s stupid, this shit ain’t music, mix with that shit in promo translates to shitty whatever rhymes with cupid

I told myself I’d never do this, but I don’t listen
I’m mean and narcissistic, borderline wicked
I’m slim and got a big foot, you know what shit means
My thing gon hit her kidneys, god is my witness
I’m done with all these beef shit-psych I’m still with it
Steering my benz thinking bout nancy isime, shawty bad as fvck wanna see that booty drop like gravity
Think what I really need is some postnor….. Clarity to clarify these feelings she got a nice personality more importantly – she got nice racks to go with it
Down with sex over love I’d be honored to do the damages
Number is 0915_rest in your messages (yeah)