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L.A.M.B – Fears Lyrics

Enjoy the Lyrics below
I took my life by the reins
Can never blame nobody, ready for when they let me down
Yeah I see it coming, Making it this far
Trust me its been a crazy journey
Learnt a lot of lessons while I was chasing money
Like, No one is going to be here forever
Everything a season, and no rapper is gonna be hot forever
Its quite ironic that the fresher I look
It’s the more I realize that damnit, I won’t be young forever
Life is too short to not be making my own decisions
And I cannot blame the label for my inhibitions
Fact is, this is my life, my choices are my grind
I’m a grown ass nigga, don’t be stupid to be pointing fingers
I’m super selfish, only think about me
I do me, move my shit higher
‘Cos in the end its just me
I learnt that, my whole life is what I made it to be
When I choose music over books, that moment was real
If I flop imma feel it so deep, my mama got needs
I left the family house, I’ll probably have no where to sleep
Ive been questioning me, if I be killing these beats
Can I do better? Is this the best, am I close to my peak?
My circle tight, only niggas that can understand my fears
That see my visions clear, Know what it took to get me here
God forbid, but sometime I be surrounded by yes-men
If that happens then its on me, if I pushed away my best friends
I don’t even know if I be anti-social or anti new people
My circle so small, so immobile
I’m just hopeful I’m moving in the direction of where my vision is
If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s the art of over-thinking shit
Sometimes, I think I’m over prepared
Or am I over calculating? There’s too much math in my head
I never once believed that what will be will be
Always gon make it happen, wide awake while I viewed my dream
Shit is real

How did we get here?
It’s impossible to make amends
When freedom of speech could possibly be a lethal end
Impossible to protest or you follow peaceful trends
‘fore sending out your tweets you need one of them VPNs
What’re you rapping about, you got aspirations blocks
When these rappers say they ill, they need vaccination shots
We should stick a long stick in your nose,
For sticking your nose in places that got your whole body exposed
Positive or Negative, we getting no results
The present and the future, the difference is in the polls
This disease will probably kill you, and you’ll die with all your hope
And even if you survive the question is, who to vote?
Tell me, how do you deal with the pain
Regardless of how you move, the game mutates to a different strain
The face mask won’t disguise the evil ways
For the many times you wash your hands
You can’t wash your sins away