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DaBlixx Osha – Bad Boy Lyrics

Nigerian musician,lyricist, and rapper,DaBlixx Osha has released a new song titled “Bad Boy”. This song is one of the songs from his EP “2019.” Enjoy the Lyrics below

I′m a bad boy
Nigga you know am a bad boy
King of new

I just gah to leave the school (leave the school)
Since my homie told me how to shoot (how to shoot)
Many nigga in my lung
I can’t move fast I can’t move slow

Big evil devil play all around my room

I don’t fuck with coffee, give me codeine
Too much drug in my vain doctor told me
Years back nigga never know me
I can′t loose my respect I’m a OG

Brother keep the grinding and going nigga can’t stop
And my mama gat to eat cause am the best son
I was all alone no one to respond
Down too much, I just gotta put my head up

I can′t move fast I can′t move slow
Am on top away
Brother no stop working everyday Sunday and Saturday
Someone told my mama I made it any way
Many lean on me
Nigga am smoking marijuana

I’m a bad boy (bad boy)
Bad boy
Nigga am a bad boy
Bad boy (bad boy)
Nigga you know I′m a bad boy (Bad boy)

I can’t move fast I can′t move slow
Am a top away
Bad boy (bad boy, bad boy)
We the king of new skool