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Gospel Music

Cody Carnes – Good Can’t Be Anything Less Lyrics

[Verse 1]
You are Good
In all things Perfect
Oh I can Trust Your Promise
I’ve never seen you Turn away

You have Loved me Undeserving
Oh I have seen Your Mercy
Follow me all my Days

Oh it doesn’t make Sense
How Your Love is so Good
You called me Your Friend
And I thought I was
Too Far gone,
Now I know You’re never
Gonna Let me go

You are Good
And You can only be Good
You can’t be anything Else
You can’t be anything Else

Hindsight’s always 20-20
I can Look behind me
And see just how Far I’ve come

You’ve saved me
From the Brink of Falling
Mercy Shutting Doors before me
Now I See all the Good
You’ve Done

When it doesn’t make Sense
And the Future’s Unsure
I Look at my Past
And I see You there all Along
So I know, You’re never
Gonna Let me go

You’re Good Today
You’ll be Good Tomorrow
You’ve always been Good
On Your Promise
I know that every Good thing
Comes from You

We celebrate your Goodness God
You’re Good, You’re Good